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Who Are We?

Sarah is a lifelong creative that has taken her passion for color, texture and mixed media to the next level by mixing these things together with her natural born talents for snark & sass, creating unique and colorfully awesome designs.
Spending the first several decades of her adult life being uninspired by corporate America and an exhausting relationship, Sarah met back up with her soulmate from middle school and became re-inspired to create and be 100% herself.  Once Sarah had the confidence to smash together her talents she felt pretty damn good about it and this whole bag of nonsense was born.
Sarah very happily lives in WA state with her new husband, a few of her kids, a dog, some chickens, dwarf goats and of course her snarky ass cats!  
You're not really here to read a biographical novel about her though so let's just finish up by saying that Sarah has mad respect for humor, snark and a well timed sarcastic comment cuz laughing is fun as hell and we all need more of that and less of everything else.

Sarah loves so much that you stopped by and took a look around (maybe added some stuff to your cart so it won't get lonely) and sincerely hopes it all makes you laugh and you buy stuff for yourself and people you like enough to buy things for.


I'm Sarah.  I do it all...I run this joint


Roxy & Evie - the muses

the sassy, rowdy, independent, loveable, crazy, curious,

do whatever the hell they like mascots of the biz


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